Facebook Login

A recent study reveals that people who use Facebook too often are more stressed out than those who don’t, shedding light on the dangers of misusing Facebook…

Daily Facebook login users who claimed longer hours on Facebook also tended to be more stressed than those who were non-frequent visitors of Facebook.com.

How can you avoid stress from Facebook? Well, here are some quick tips. First off, don’t spend all of your days and nights plopped in your computer chair staring at the Facebook screen. Second, don’t stalk anyone!

Finally, be smart about time management in general on Facebook so that Facebook stress doesn’t come around to kick you in the bum one day… Cheers!

Just when you thought a half a billion members was a lot, Facebook is now approaching it’s 700 millionth user as February of 2011 nears.

When the Facebook movie “The Social Network” was released, a promotional graphic bear the words words, “You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

Little did we know, by the end of the movie’s release year there would be 600 million Facebook users. Even crazier, nobody could have expected Facebook to approach 700 million users as early as Feb. 2011!

Holy shit! (excuse my French) Looks like the whole world is addicted to Facebook login for good…